Clinical and Forensic Psychology

Richard Rumer, Ph.d. Psychotherapy

Richard Rumer, Ph.D.

Richard Rumer, Ph.D., Psychotherapy

Where do I send U.S. Mail?

Please send regular mail to me at Post Office Box 61067, Durham NC  27715-1067

What is the Phone Number?

(919) 215-7842

What about E-Mail, Texting, or Social Media?

I am very cautious about using e-mail or texts without your written permission because neither of us can count on these remaining private, and your privacy is an important foundation of professional services. 

For this reason, I will not "friend" or otherwise share information with my patients on social media like Facebook.

Where Is The Office?

2000 Regency Parkway, Suite 204 in Cary, North Carolina

RIchard Rumer, Ph.D. psychotherapy

RIchard RUmer, Ph.D. forensic psychology

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