Richard Rumer, Ph.D.

Richard Rumer, Ph.D., Psychotherapy

For heaven's sake, Jim, I'm a doctor, not a web page designer!

What about forms for Court-Related Cases?

I don't publish these here, because I want to make sure that you have a basic understanding of what is involved, and that I understand what you might want me to do.  After that preliminary discussion, I will send you the correct form by fax or e-mail.

This document explains my office policies, fees, and billing practices.  The last page is the registration form you complete and bring with you to the first appointment.  Please do not sign the registration form if you have any questions or concerns, so that we can talk about these in the appointment. (The document is in Adobe 's PDF format.)

This is a detailed explanation of your privacy rights as a patient.   If you read this at bedtime, you may find it helps you sleep without becoming habit-forming. (The document is in Adobe's PDF format.)

Clinical and Forensic Psychology